Swizzle 4: Crust Judgement

by Capitol Swizzle Credit

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released July 18, 2017

Mixed and Mastered at The Lion's Den
July of 2017



all rights reserved


Capitol Swizzle Credit

Sensitive guy

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Track Name: Usket Runner

death blood of the usket
bleeds forth from his face
as he defects welcoming heat death
in a state of disbelief
severed and displaced
from the heat of fetal emulsion
all that's left's appendices
a fixed empirical angle
and a sharp new set of teeth

give me your violence
in the dead of night
my religion is dying
the fabric of this slutworld

behold the hyperbitch

militant anomalies respirate
death drugs of the future
in the lungs of dangerous
cults and their purveyors
deafend headed straight for Edmonton

there was a time I did not try to deny
dissident flange orbitals.

initiate mission deliver kindness
my dear knight are you dying too
now that you're alone
I thought so.
Track Name: Facebleederz
beauty of ventilation
assume me, until I
disassociate the words from language

the blood of unloved
archetypal vaginas
in a world of misogyny

I'm just catching your waves, baby
the serf's up
good luck
pursue your goals

no, nevermind.
an alcoholic's devolved
into a violent pathology

fuck everything in life
just let me fucking die

caught up in my own world
but she's my redneck girl
can't we just skip to the end
if all you really wanted was a fuck friend


dying in reflections of the gnarliest
hieroglyphs of the guardians
therein sounds of her feral and enlightened
perfectly laced children.
Track Name: Refrigerator Style
in the shadow of molded receipts, let them freeze
stuffed crust isn't the only one pre-made
visceral enclave in converse and spandex jeans
senseless screams resonate in my day dreams

well this convertible rooftop
has hit the concrete again
you've been living next to a thin slice
and the salamander's abandoned the notion of being a human
were just hanging out
on the refrigerator
eating an alligator
were just hanging out

no one understands my vague problems
I've looked to the lord and found validation
but atop the hexagon
conceptual loss was consolidated in dreaming
the covenant failed to retreat
despite consciousness fleeting
soap spilled re-fills and novelty gags keeping me at a loss
when the culprit was found and she's coming around
but the forensic analysis wont absolve the blood on the ground

what does the murder compel
and are you willing to tell (and are you willing to tell)
eviscerating the thoughts of uncapping the bleach
what does procedure compel
casting a surgical spell over corporate hell

commandeering the plants
as I march into france
disguised as a woman she was really a pancake
laying the groundwork for botanical conquest that would compliment the driveway
(hesitant transmission, to reverse, to pull out)
parking my car I hesitate to reverse with a locked park brake

now who is using bosley
to put hair in their children's breakfast
feed them cat food like a regular jack-off
were just hanging out on the refrigerator

weaving between the crossroads of my mind
I've seen glimpses of beauty as the world unwinds

serrated gold splitting the emerald particles
colliding in defiance of our hearts lost in their misalignment

were just hanging out
on the refrigerator

as she sings to me through the ether of my alcoholic
regressions through all that I've lost
just let me unplug once and for all.

were just hanging out
on the refrigerator
Track Name: Crusty Booger!
the crust judgement upon us
clinging to the walls of my nasal cavity

in a whirl of the paradise girls
you'll be living on the fringe of a paradise binge
take me to the spot in a mcdonalds parking lot
or lead me into the garage tie me up and get me off
I'll tell you anything you want

I thought you didn't want to die
I guess not

lay me out and wheel her ass out of town
mythic sorceresses in bliss will keep me wigging out
have you accepted it

this time these tongues I'm tying them off
pull up roll down and bury the slug
hanging out at the beach but I'm not even swimming
hey Hyperbitch
were getting over it.

the crust judgement is calling
the self that it echoes a human evolving

pick your crusty booger and smear it in
wipe your dick on her finest inheritance
with such forceful fucking release
my crusty booger
Track Name: Ghost in Locomotion
slow breathing, coughing up the chunks, wasting time
no one will buy your drinks tonight, no one
outside in the midnight again
I hear something that's in the distance
transparent like the sea
just as real as bobby and me

you had the chance to put down the gun
and open up your heart

I'm feeling all these symptoms were, just benign
swiftly returns my will to die

the last thing that you need
is another sycophantic heart disease


if you wanted to go well you could and you know

an endless summer forever

endlessly soaring forever in my heart
like the summer's wistful moon you are my only eggplant

(the saddles of intimacy are strong
like the very strong bond
we share on a sexual level)
we nest down by the lake on a date
two hearts behold (my only)

experiment bimbo
will there be anywhere else to excavate
we'll evacuate the populace fleeing to the states
can't you see that were running out?
almost a ghost in locomotion
hail the death of the cult of emulsion

fracturing the wall in unconditional
replication of anguish in a state to believe
you'll be constantly struggling to close
the golden gates barricading the nation from the human race
can't you see that were running out?
I'm just a ghost (no joke) in locomotion
hailing as he beheads in this division

you had the chance to leave
but you always had an attitude- you never believed
you had the chance to put down the gun
or let the hammer down and bury the slug

hey theta dover
get over
the invertebrates are invading
godless times deteriorate
with patience move along
like you are the fastest hand there ever was
the bone
escalating to the precipice
of your new babylon
and with patience move along

I'm peeling off the skin every night
I need to smell my dandelion
you are my eggplant.
Track Name: Tides on the Beach
love love

on the beach (tides)
my sweet her
I saw her silhouette

I saw her
I saw her
Track Name: Incept
Incept the dissent
caught wrapped up in a net
the kin of man proceeding again
retract back into the foreskin
disenfranchising the truth
with one hand in my pocket
and without one hand I have to-

retreating again caught the incept
lost in the cavern between the set
cleaving between
like it was mad at the wonders of science

- upset the balance
find loop holes in the facts
if its my hair we're holding onto, okay
descent into the darker discontinued
among as it wasn't the incept
slightly polluted and gazing
mindlessly wondering
mindless to the art of a second
minutes and what a shit that he was

mindlessly sweating searching and disgusting
find loop holes in the facts
of the proposition firing horses combusting
as they trample the breeders pistons
and indecisively leaving the contemporary world

sensitive death
decisive immanence
as your towers fell before you
I held the earth
noiseless in the name
of excommunication
beaten into ruin
undone we lay to rest

sensitive death
to keep me on my feet
to keep me out of reach
is this what I want
just give me control
of the space between infinity
and nothing at all.
Track Name: The Meating
evict each misguided shmuck at the meating
instate but one ape to replace itself
and everyone else is an inevitable flesh-tube
running circles in a cemetery seventeen years
loaded up to the mouth and dissolving the mesentery
endless sex chemicals beget indifference
to our immanent doom

bleeding out the death facade
strictly pursuing amalgamation
between god and man as it stands
you should have known these politicians

you can't trust- no one at all
when you're wading in the river
of the last of the aerosol
you gotta get outta here
and obliterate the records
of experiment bimbo

follow in the tracks of nomadic phantoms
to the edge of the village where the pagans are bathing
in the nuclear rivers, lucidly oozing,
innately elucidating the ruse of the humans

violently assembling
please just give me a reason
bio-mechanical creatures
the rubbers getting rough
as you go forth violently assembling
I'm never going back to Pubis Arrythmiac 7

in all of my debts and abuse
disclaiming this violent pursuit
in a chemical compound dependence
and the influx of death at its crux that I left
I was dreaming of the sentinel egg- in my bed
it was a lie from the beginning

I made it to the end of another crisis
wherein there was nothing different
knowing that there was no one
I made it to the end of another empty night
knowing there was nothing to behold
and there was no one.
Track Name: Simple Food
in your simple disaster
you won't know the difference
you're just getting older
with those molar incisions
you carry an aura
of simple forgiveness..