Tokyo Swizzle

by Capitol Swizzle Credit

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All instrumentation (except drums) live tracked by Lucas Bielejewski
Mixed by Lucas Bielejewski
Mastered by Lucas Bielejewski

Album Cover Photo taken by Ariel Kassulske,
Edited by yours truly


released 16 December 2013
This album is dedicated to Rich, or the crazy guy from the Garden's ;)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Theta Dover
It was Wednesday when I found your vaginal garbage bag in my lawn.
Please take it back, unless you want me to breathe it in and let my mind travel into another dimension.
I probably could fit my entire house in this bag or at least provide shelter for the state of Nebraska.

Don’t grab your left tit because Arnold didn’t get any sour cream.
Waiting for Theta Dover.

Hypnotized and much to my surprise the root beer was still fizzy keeping me busy for a while. I’ll go back to what I was doing earlier.

So why not hold my hand tonight, and we will make love, passionately.
Under the starry night, I forgot your chicken nuggets. Let me go back and get those. Here you go my love.
(You smell like dish soap)
And I would put my dick in the dishwasher just for a glance at your nipple.


But it wasn’t riding horses, only two beans of coffee in this small world.
Never forget it. Who are his parents, and why aren’t they chaperoning him?
He’s got wood chips in his nose. But he can still breathe out of his turbo-aquatic straw.

Go! We Must Go! Now!

And I will always love you, and if you ever left I could never replace you
because my conjuration is only 27 and I wouldn’t have the heart to get it up alone.
One can of Lysol can only get you so far, and after that you’re gonna need a new boyfriend anyways.
So wrap your legs around a fire hydrant and stimulate your creativity while I go and make some lunch for us.

We’ll frolic in the backyard like a horse that is also a microwave.
This ranch is mine and don’t ever forget how my passion throbs for you.
And If you ever left I could never replace you because my conjuration is only 27 and I wouldn’t have the heart to get it up alone. You know I will always love you.
Track Name: Fleetwood Mac
I played a show but did anyone know it wasn’t me at all, as far as I recall.
So I got the check and I wrote on the back “Pay to the Order of Fleetwood Mac”
And as I retreated I heard the phone and could you guess who it was? No you probably couldn’t.
It was a guy from craigslist who had the wrong number. He said, “I’m sorry for calling you, now who am I talking to?”

And this incident or accident let me to some obscure and abstract gadgets.
Months of inspection and astral rejection, but I still went to sleep on the same sheets.

Til the infrastructure changed and corporate collapsed and I was clinging to good thoughts to save my old man.
And I guess they worked. So was it part of the plan that had been laid out so meticulously in the scriptures of Zolpidem Tartrate, and is there any difference between what the spirits said and what we call fate, or does it even relate?

And I was lost on the downward trend of the tangent of theta.
I could write down the numbers but I couldn’t analyze any of the data.
My mind grew numb and dumber, sunbathing in comfort, and I saw and I still see the ghost of a suburbian rhapsody.
It was endless. What did it all mean? As I wished and contemplated and I tried to fit all of the pieces of life together into a framable piece of artwork.

Everyone is here with all eyes and ears at attention,
and I’m the only one who isn’t and never will be listening.
Track Name: Onions
Oh, yesterday was too hot to complain.
Peeling skin from my thighs to make your girlfriend cry.

But it wasn’t good enough to flavor the soup we had for dinner.
Take a good look or take back this take out.
I do appreciate the lube that you gave me, I used it, and I’m grateful for Green Day, I’m glad they’re still writing music.

What a weird coincidence that you brought two onions.

Dearest divers and truthful liars that couldn’t compete with the increase in bandwidth that dirtied their feet.

America needed to let their onions simmer for a bit. Have we figured it out? And will we figure it out? That to make a decent salad we need at least two cups of onions.

Whatever you say goes with me even if I disagree.
You know I love you although it’s hard to show.

Salty petunias are good, but not as good as love for trees.
Track Name: The World is A Beautiful Place
I thought the stars and these hearts would make it seem as though there are things that comply. I’ve decided to much time. And now it’s close to the crescent moon. Smile awhile, paralyzed with the thought of a child. But kids might laugh I’m sure to crack one more if they give another sixteen back.

It’s fairly consistent, but do you dream, really?
It seems as though we all do carry a burden, and will the many relinquish the burden?

I’m sorry will do. Is there enough love too? Well I guess I know, I’ve heard, but now that bird really put a spin on things.

Dependence of presence. We proclaim the future our conquest, but I digress, light may seem limited, but that’s just because we didn’t hit the switch yet.
Track Name: Homecoming
Tendons of teachers, tearing it right here
Is there a new home, for them to amputate?

Why try to change the dots, that make up your face?
Is eating a grapefruit, the same as eating a grape?
Who gives a fuck anyways?

All the cards read, “Get well soon Ace. You can still pull these hearts that rest at the bottom of the tin case you left when you drove home in the rain.”

Did you get the note to hold onto the skeletal rope?
Lying here sick for two days, I’ve already seen orange fields in the backroads of my dreams. I don’t need love.

The words get dim and loud, off and on as I float around.

Clenching my guts as I tend to be tethered to the notion of better days.
And the afterlife doesn’t grant me any comfort this time cause I’ve seen fields of orange in the back roads of my dreams, and you were there too. Do I need you in this life?

Shine on, lest the devil got it wrong, and show the teeth that tore away every morsel of meat that got cooked on the summer street. (cooled off by a cold heart)
She moves along towards the bridge with a pen in her palm to record the cure to the curse that ruined the world and lured the girl I love.
Forget granite counter tops stained by the habits we’re so reluctant to stop.
If we disperse to traverse this earth on our own, it will only be til we come home.

As much as I’ve missed you and am compelled to kiss you I can’t trust this transcendental tongue quite yet, but it might retract I suspect.

I need to digest all the components I ingest. She’s got no stable dietary supplement.
I need a new woman since I lost her, because she was a robot that tried to kill me. I just wanted to be in a band. It wasn’t part of the plan.
Track Name: God of Lazers
Oh how I venerated you.
Yes it’s still true, to this day
even if you happened to be on the unlucky side of a dirty coin.

Yes, you never had it the worst,
but you were willing to teach,
and man did you teach me all of the ropes.

Oh when did I see you last?
Time always went to fast for you.
But I understand, I had to get out of this place too,
but I was sixteen months to late for you.

Where ever you choose to go I don’t care
and I know you know that I’ll be there
to pick you up when you just got dropped off,
and we can drive around for hours and listen to
the same CDs that we always do
just to go somewhere and just do nothing
and then you’ll show me how to download something
as we cross the desert that scorched our retinas
to save Tamriel and defeat the Daedra.
My lungs could hardly function by the time you
put on your hat and walked into the sunset.

Yes, you never had it the worst
but you were willing to give
every piece of the world
just to get a phone call,
or maybe nothing at all.

And you were never like any of the other people
standing knee deep in a hopeless tide of the crazy life,
and I know you know that I don’t care.
You can do what you want and I’ll still be here
to pick you up when no one else will
despite the distance and without any guilt.
These last five years have gone so fast
and were both still kids but its not gonna last.

Oh I will always hold you in the highest esteem of my memory.